terça-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2013

Fogo nas Ruas - Uma retrospectiva das manifestações de 2013 - Testemunha do Caos Midia Alternativa

After the wave of protests of may and june 2013, a new clicle of riots has begun. Estimulated buy the unpunished corruption withing the São Paulo state and the Brazilian Federal Government, an police that acts as the wishes of those who is in power, the increase of taxes, the undiscriminated spending of public money in favor of 2014's World Cup, the manipulation of the Brazilian mainstream media, the violence in poor neighborhoods and institutions that torture animals, the protests that took place then were more violent. This video is a restrospective of this period.

In certain ocasions, the impression that I had was that the São Paulo State Public Safety Department was allowing, until certain point, the wave of vandalism, in order to make the news to appear on the newspapers and, these, to minimize the attention from the Subway fraud scandal in Sao Paulo.

In front of the so-called danger of the new "street animals", the image of the governor was to be restored as someone to be dealed as "necessary evil" capable to re-establish the public order.

In all riots, the law enforcement was exagerating enourmous or in the equivalent number of protesters, spending unnecessary ammount of public money with extra-hours, non-lethal ammunition, fuel for helicopters, et cetera.

What has happened on the streets was allowerd right from "the top".