segunda-feira, 1 de setembro de 2014

Quick notes about my visit to US

Quick notes about my visit to US

As I was flying back to Brazil, an American from Florida sits next to me. In an 8-hour-flight, there isn’t much to do. As he noticed I was reading a newspaper article about Obama “not being tough enough”, we start talking to each other. I was returning home. He was coming to meet his business partner that owe money to him. It didn’t take too much time for us to
start talking about politics.

He told me he considered Putin as a great son of a bitch, that the Islamic State may not be as worse as mainstream media reports and he feels there might be a exclusive group of people who runs the president in the White House.

I told him that similar thing is already happening in Brazil. That our president Dilma Rousseff is a former communist terrorist, a bank robber and possible performed torture during her guerrilla times. I also told that she had make an agreement with Cuba and Brazil pays up to R$ 20,000 (which is about $10,000) for each doctor Fidel Castro send to Brazil
to “work”.

Right instantly, he reacted in a way that I probably will never forget. He literally jumped from his seat and said “what!?”. I don’t think he ever knew about an organization called “Foro de Sao Paulo”. Not only because what happens in South Americas doesn’t call so much attention in Western media as a whole, but I’m convinced today that some of crimes against humanity that takes place in Middle East might serve as distraction from what people really should be concerned with.